Is this you?

  • You would love to help women business owners overhaul their pricing and make considerably more money.
  • You love helping clients shift from “overwhelmed” to “competent, successful, and confident.”
  • You have a natural aptitude for numbers and love checklists, spreadsheets, and formulas (or you’re willing to learn!)
  • You have an encouraging personality. “Yes you can!” “You got this!” “Totally doable!” are things you think and say all the time.
  • You’d like to start a part-time side hustle to make extra money on the side as a Pricing Overhaul coach.
  • Or, you could see yourself doing coaching full-time.
  • Or, you already work in a coaching or business/finance related profession (business coach, bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparation, financial planner, etc.) and you’d like to add a new credential to your resume. 

If that’s you, you’d be an excellent Pricing Overhaul™️ coach.

Apply to become a certified Pricing Overhaul™️ coach today. 

You could be working with clients (changing businesses and lives) in as little as 10 weeks. 

Coaching is such a rewarding profession. It feels incredible to get texts and emails from clients saying, “I did it!” “I raised my prices!” “I just had my highest-earning month of all time!” “It’s thanks to you.” If this profession calls to you, I’d be honored to train you. Let’s get going.