“I worked with Erin 1:1 after 10 years of business ownership. One of the first things we did was raise my rates based on her Pricing Overhaul™️ method and not based on what my competitors were charging. That meant raising rates for the first time, and boy was I so scared to do that! But after much discussion, she assured me that everyone would be okay, and it was! I’m a believer and a success story! My business has grown substantially, and it started with Pricing Overhaul™️!”

Nicole Phillips, Inner Me Studios

“Erin did more for me in one hour than I was able to do on my own in a year. I can figure out profitable pricing, but connecting all the different options (1:1 vs group and clear offers with upgrades and downgrades) in a clear and logical way was frustrating me – and Erin’s Pricing Overhaul™️ fixed it like magic. Don’t get stuck when this awesome resource is available!”

Ean Murphy, Moxie Bookkeeping

“Pricing Overhaul™️ helped me break free of ‘market pricing’ to build a pricing structure that helped me pay myself a generous salary and hire the right team to grow my business, plus ensure a healthy profit margin. I went from 29K to 100K in annual revenue in under two years after implementing the Pricing Overhaul™️ method.”

“I worked with Erin on re-working the pricing strategy for my studio. In 1 call, I realized I had not valued myself, my skills, my experience, or my time adequately. Erin’s Pricing Overhaul™️ helped me see my business in a completely different way – one of service AND profit. I am now working 4 days a week, as opposed to 6, and making more money than I ever did before. I used to base my pricing off what others were charging, what I thought clients would pay, or out of guilt (I offer health services, to charge appropriately for them isn’t fair). But I don’t anymore. Pricing Overhaul™️ is truly amazing.”

Lisa Roche, Lisa Roche Studio

“Working with Erin on the pricing for my studio was a complete revelation. So many times I see service businesses basing their pricing on what someone else is charging. Working through the Pricing Overhaul™️ method, I became aware and in control of my costs and exactly what I need to charge to cover outgoings, salary, and make a profit for growth. If you are unsure of how to set your pricing and going from client to client, I highly recommend Pricing Overhaul™️.”

Elaine Simpson, Kensho Boutique Pilates

“I hired Erin specifically to get my pricing to a point where I could pull a profit in my business. With her Pricing Overhaul™️ method, I raised my rates and put my members on AUTOPAYS. Within the first quarter my studio was at a 14% profit, second quarter an 18% profit and third quarter is on track to be at 25%. More importantly I’m no longer afraid to raise my rates and simply don’t take offense if my studio is not a fit for someone. I’ve gained my ideal clientele and continue to grow and evolve while working in the studio less and having more free time!”